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Ok so i was recently looking into this. And it seems ideal. Where i live normal providers have little to no coverage so internet is rubbish. Getting a device such as this would be very useful.

But i dont like the idea of paying 100 bucks for it. I plan on traveling soon and may not be able to pay anyway. So my question is this.

These devices dont require to tap into a wire of any kind so how is it you still need an ISP? Would it not be possible to bypass the need for one?

Because really i just want unlimited highspeed internet. At the moment i have 3g unlimited for 60 bucks a month. But its mobile based with terrible speeds. I live in australia.
Ok so im gettin gealth problems. But it all boils down to what ive been eating. I know this, but heres the problem. Im extrememly busy, i live on my own and my oven dont work. Also i dont have a car so i can only make one trip to the supermarket a week. As it takes like an hour to walk there.

This along woth bad living conditions is what drove me to my bad eating habits. Now i find myself looking for diets. I dont want to buy some product to lose weight i want a diet i can stick to but im so limited....

Is there anything i can do u guys? I thought of doing protien shakes but a mate told me its more something u use before and after workouts. None of them designed for real use...

So ive been racking my brain looking for something i can make for meals that stores for like a week and can eat and will be extremely good for me.
Lol funniest thing i ever heard.

Hot chick: Yuck there talking to me.
Friend: i think your suppose to stop, drop and roll or something.
hot chick: no thats only for when your drowning... (shrugges)
Ok so i have mobile internet on my phone and i tether it to otger devices. Seeing as i live in a cabin in an area with low coverage its all i think i can get as it has no phone lines basically just powerpoints.

Anyway i needed to replace my old motorola xoom. So i bought a nexus 9. The selling point being near instant access to android updates. So i opened it and was gutted to discover no sd card slot. But got over it.

Then when i went to download apps i found the internet wasnt working. Funny it says its connected....

I went to google. About 5-10 minutes later... the logo was only half loaded. i winded up returning the device. and store was baliming the fact i was tethering my mobile internet. My arguement here is ok its not super fast. but my computer or tablet have always been able to run internet fine. It was only this shit device that couldnt.

So what do u think happened here? Was it just the nexus, or was it the new android which from what i hear had all sorts of problems?
Ok so i want to setup something where i can access files from my phone, tablet, tv or computer. But the problem is i live in a cabin without a phone line or internet connection.

I have internet on my phone and can tether it but its by no meams reliable. So does anyone know of a device or way i can do this?
Ok so u guys dont know this but im right into pool. I play 8 ball on probably the worst tables in australia. Theres a bad roll on the table. Dueto being like 30 years old the cushions cant be used to put balls in so if its to steap of an angle it simply wont drop. And for ungodly reason backspin is near impossible on this table. 

Despite this though the venue hold pool tournaments of about 16 people. Ive made about 5 appearances and been in the final twice. Won once. Go ME!!!

However due to cheating ive now stopped and seeking out another venue locally. Ive won all my matches against these cheats but i refuse to play against peopple like that. If u set rules then it should apply to everyone!
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