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Ok so i got a warning message saying i was getting near 100gb of usage. Now my plan is unlimited. So curious to understand the message i went to my provider and they gave me little info on the subject but expressed there shock on how i could be using so much.

The rep said if i exceed the amount they could take away my plan. Because of some "fair go" policie bullshit. This sound like a bunch of bull to me.

There obligated to give me what im paying for is the way i look at it. So i ask u guys can they actually do this. Or is this just a scare by the rep?

Its worth noting this is my mobile plan. I get unlimited everything.
Ok so i currently own a pair of sennheiser momentums. For the most part a great pair of headphones. But a few problems. They are very uncomfortable long term and due to them being on ear at even decent volume everyone can hear it to.normally fabric mesh is good for comfort so that confuses me greatly.

But they have lasted like 2 years and cord hasnt split or anything as good as the day i bought it. So now im seeking an improvement.

I want something over ear. Needs to be great quality sound. Maybe 200 around abouts or a bit more if need be is my limit. Needs to be comfortable cause i use em sometimes for 8 hours so comfort and sound quality extremely important.

I bought a gaming one which seemed really good except for the fact it had a mic and cables where long enough to play a game of skip the the rope with. So that got returned.

I watch movies listen to music. This is its main use. And it will get an occassional game also. Mostly used with my mobile or tablet.
Ok so im using adobe premier to edit videos. And im using audio mixer to adjust volume levels. And it sounds perfect. But when i export those volume levels dont get added on.

I then googled it. And discovered people using audio effects so i used audio effects and still when i export it the volume adjustments i make arent added on.

How is this possible? More importantly how do i fix this?
apparently i purchased a movie 2 years back. so id like to download it.
i tried many of those youtube downloaders but they say the video is country restricted. so i want to know how to do this?

because i have legally paid for it
Ok so u guys dont know this but im right into pool. I play 8 ball on probably the worst tables in australia. Theres a bad roll on the table. Dueto being like 30 years old the cushions cant be used to put balls in so if its to steap of an angle it simply wont drop. And for ungodly reason backspin is near impossible on this table. 

Despite this though the venue hold pool tournaments of about 16 people. Ive made about 5 appearances and been in the final twice. Won once. Go ME!!!

However due to cheating ive now stopped and seeking out another venue locally. Ive won all my matches against these cheats but i refuse to play against peopple like that. If u set rules then it should apply to everyone!
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Thank you for llama back! :hug:
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Thank you SO much for the llama Heart
By the way, if you enjoy erotic/romantic novels, you can have a look at my gallery and if you like it enough, add me to your watch list.
I am posting parts of an erotic novel I am writting and, soon enough, will be giving the whole book out to my watchers for free :) (Smile)
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No probs ;)

Not a big fan of romantic novels. More into a good supernatural novel.
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